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Payment Protection Insurance PPI

What is Payment Protection Insurance (PPI)?

PPI, which stands for Payment Protection Insurance, it is an insurance to cover people for mortgage, loan or credit card repayments in the event of illness, accident or unemployment. However, PPI has been massively mis-sold. Many people have paid for PPI without even knowing. Banks and financial institutions have been ordered to pay back billions of pounds in compensation to consumers for miss selling PPI.

PPI compensation is designed to compensate people who have been the victims of mis-selling and have paid money for potentially worthless cover they don’t need. PPI has been criticised as one of the most overpriced financial products on the market. Staff at banks were often incentivised to sell PPI policies. Many were under so much pressure to sell the insurance and it was sold to those who did not need it.

Have you got a mortgage, loan, or a credit card? If so you may be paying Payment Protection Insurance which may have been mis sold to you and you are entitled to reclaim your PPI payments back. Please contact us for a free claim assessment. We will discuss these issues with you and offer guidance on whether you are likely to have a viable PPI claim which you can choose to pursue yourself or through us.

Solicitors have a professional duty to act in their client’s best interests; Claims Companies don’t owe any such duty. Elite UK Solicitors will review your options and consider what is best for you. We will clearly advise you of our costs and the whole process involved in pursuing your PPI complain. By choosing Elite UK Solicitors you will be assured of receiving a truly professional and independent service of the very highest standard.

We deal with PPI claims on a No Win-No Fee basis, and if you don’t receive any PPI compensation then we do not charge you. If you succeed, then we deduct a percentage from the sum recovered to cover our costs. You receive the remaining balance.

We are an independent, regulated firm of solicitors. You can deal with your case yourself (or use the services of a claims company), but if you choose to use us then we are certain you will receive a professional and a high standard of service. Get In Touch Form.