Personal Injury Claim Process

Claim Process Steps

Step 1 – Signing/Notification: We have an extensive network of agents nationwide who can immediately deliver the necessary documents to sign. To initiate the claim process we will gather the necessary information in order to complete the Claim Notification Form (CNF). This will be submitted to the defendant insurance company.

Step 2 – Acknowledgement: The insurance company must then send an acknowledgement the day after the receipt of the CNF. They then have 15 working days to indicate whether liability is admitted or not. They can take the case out of the portal system by requesting more time to investigate liability. If they do this they would get three months from when the CNF was submitted to investigate liability. If liability is not admitted we would advise you at that stage as to how to proceed.

Step 3 – Medical Assessment: We will arrange a fully comprehensive medical assessment detailing any pain or discomfort arising from the accident. We can arrange the best physiotherapists, psychiatrists and cognitive behavioural therapists in order to ensure that no relevant symptoms are overlooked.

Step 4 – Pay/Settlement: Once liability has been admitted the emphasis then switches to valuing the claim and negotiations will be undertaken in order to establish this. An assessment of your claim will be made with regards to the medical prognosis, witness statements and other evidence.If a reasonable settlement cannot be reached through negotiations then we will issue proceedings to ensure that you receive your lawful entitlement.

Claim Form

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