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    Slips and trips can cause injuries. They often result in broken bones and other serious harm. The most common causes of slip, trip or fall accidents are spillages which leave the floor slippery or paths that are not maintained.

    If slip and trip occurred at work, home, or in a public area then you are potentially eligible for compensation. Causes of slips and trips include:

    • Damaged pavements and roads
    • Cables and wires
    • Wet floors
    • Housing disrepair
    • Poor lighting
    • Uneven flooring/ surfaces
    • Inadequate floor coverings

    Following an accident, it is essential that photographic evidence is provided at the earliest possible opportunity in order to assess the prospects of your claim.

    If you or someone you know has had a slip and trip and they have suffered injuries as a result of the slip and trip, then you are entitled to compensation. Please contact us on 01422 300048 for further information.