No-Win No-Fee | Peace of Mind

A No-Win No-Fee agreement gives you peace of mind that you will not be left with a bill that you cannot pay if you lose your case. If you win your case, the costs are paid by the other party’s insurers. If you have this agreement then if you lose your case you will not have to pay our costs of acting for you.

Success Fee

The agreement provides for a success fee which is to reflect the risk we would not get paid if the case is not successful. Due to a recent change in the rules, the success fee cannot be paid by the other party’s insurers but must be paid for out of any compensation you receive. The maximum amount that can be deducted from any compensation you receive is 25% of the damages. We would agree with you, as part of the no-win no-fee agreement at the start of the claim how much the success fee would be.


We would investigate at the start of the claim the means of paying for the claim, including private payment or legal expenses insurance. If you have legal expenses insurance, this would normally be part of a household or motor insurance policy. It may be part of trade union membership or as part of the terms and conditions of a credit card. If you have this insurance then we will look to use that to fund your claim, and if you lose your case the legal expenses insurance company would pay the costs. Again, if you win your case, the other party’s insurers would pay the costs.

Once we have investigated the means of funding your claim and there are no other alternatives available we would enter into a no-win no-fee agreement with you.